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If you would like to use Thinking Styles within your own organisation, or as part of your own consultancy and training, you can become licensed as an independent Associate.

Becoming an Associate enables you to use the Thinking Styles software and to generate Personal Profiles for your own clients. It also gives you access to a growing network of other trainers, consultants and coaches for the exchange of ideas. Each year we hold a Conference at which marketing suggestions, product developments and applications and experiences of using Thinking Styles are shared. Associates also have the opportunity to buy Thinking Styles products at a discounted rate. The web site will have a password protected forum through which Associates will have access to additional information on validity, research, statistics and norm groups. For more details about the forum - click here.

Here is a summary of the outcomes of the two-day Licensing Programme. If you would like a comprehensive list please contact us.
•  understand your own Thinking Styles profile and the implications of your own preferences for you as a trainer and consultant
•  be practised in giving feedback to others on their profiles
•  thoroughly understand the Thinking Styles development process and the statistics and data that relate to the research.

It is important to us that everyone who has completes a Thinking Styles questionnaire receives the same high standard of feedback from our Associates. We are committed to ensuring that at the end of the two-day programme you will meet our quality standards.

It costs 600 to become licensed to use Thinking Styles, plus 350 for all software and course materials.  This is exclusive of VAT.  

If you would like to book on a two-day Programme - click here.

If you would like more information about becoming an Associate please contact us.

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