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Articles from Fenman's Train the Trainer, Euro Graduate and Training Journal are available for download as PDFs.

Other archived articles currently available are:

(1) "Why People Who Say No Mean Yes"
Author: Fiona Beddoes-Jones, first published for HRD Week 2000, discusses the role confrontation and challenge plays at work and how to manage colleagues who are highly confrontational - click here for more details.

(2) "Thinking Styles: the implications of Meta-Cognition"
Author: Fiona Beddoes-Jones, adapted from an article first written for the British Psychological Society in January 2001 - click here for more details.

(3) "Learning to Think, Learning to Learn"
Author: Fiona Beddoes-Jones, first published in Training Journal October 2001. This article explores the symbiotic relationship between how people think and therefore learn and considers thinking and learning styles beyond Honey and Mumford's work. Through the use of stories and examples it identifies some critical preferences for learning and suggests how trainers can respond to these. The article concludes that the key to becoming an excellent trainer, consultant or manager, is to develop the flexibility of thinking to be able to apply and use the most appropriate style for the task at hand - click here for more details.

(4) "NLP and psychology – a bridge too far?"
This is a summary of the presentation made at HRD 2002 Showcase 16th April. - click here for more details.

(5) "Thinking Styles Symposium
The design and development of a new psychometric instrument - Harrogate 10th International Conference on Thinking 2002.
click here for more details

(6) "An evaluation of the thinking preferences of engineers to assist in their personal and professional development"  -Athens 2002
 - click here for more details.

(7) "The value and benefits of metacognitive awareness in the workplace: developing the 'thinking performer'" - CIPD Professional Standards Conference July 2003
click here for more details.

(8) "Belbin's Team Roles and Cognitive Team Roles: A study of 'two perspectives'?"
Written for UK-HRD 2003 - click here for more details.

(9) "Flabby Strategic Thinking is Bad for Business"
Much has been written about the correlation between armies fighting wars and businesses winning market share on the commercial battlefield. Looking at the language, the activities and the results of business processes, it’s easy to see how the two share similarities. - click here for more details.

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