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Fiona Beddoes-Jones is a learning and development consultant and the author of Thinking Styles. Whilst working with clients in the 1980's she became fascinated by how she and her then colleague (now husband) seemed to think in such different ways. Fiona developed Thinking Styles because, as she says, "I couldn't find a diagnostic tool to use with my clients which accurately measured 'thinking' in terms of how the brain works and how people think, behave and use language. I wanted something which would simplify this complex area in a way which I could both understand and explain to others".

Fiona is an active member of the CIPD, and has sat on the Lincolnshire branch committee. She is also a past committee member of SEAL (The Society for Effective and Affective Learning). Fiona's commitment to individual and organizational learning and the transfer of thinking skills to education is one of the reasons she founded the charitable trust "Thinking Styles in Education", of which she is a Director and Trustee.

Fiona divides her time between running workshops on Thinking Styles, coaching clients, consultancy, speaking at conferences and product development.

If you would like to talk to Fiona about how Thinking Styles can help you, your team or your organization achieve its objectives through the development of greater cognitive and behavioural flexibility, e-mail her at fiona.bj@cognitivefitness.co.uk.