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These are the assessment criteria for the Licensing Programme. A comprehensive list of Quality Standards is included in the Facilitator Manual.

There are two parts to the assessment process. The first part is a personal assessment by your trainer, the criteria of which relate to the following: knowledge, skills and, attitude. These are explained in more detail below. The second part takes the form of examination type questions - answered on an individual basis, although you may work in pairs or teams if you wish.

Part One

Surface traits, dimension definitions and associated behaviours
Potentially connected traits
Associated language patterns
Can make personal connections and has insights into own or others' behaviours
Has good feedback skills: - prepares well, develops rapport with client, goes at client's pace, uses client's words (is client led), takes notes, listens, assists client in making connections, asks for examples, explores past experiences, future paces for success, does not make value judgements, makes ecology checks, closes well and keeps channels of communication open for the future
Externally referenced when giving feedback
Personal commitment to continual development of own personal level of skills and knowledge so that interpreting a profile becomes almost 'second nature'
Understands the complexities of the profile and the client's motivational drivers
Becoming Licensed