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This case study centres on a two-day training workshop which was run for BP at Sunbury in the UK and in Chicago USA. The programme helps participants to understand how people process information in different ways and how this learning can be applied to improve customer relationships.

Having firstly run the training successfully in the UK, the use of Thinking Styles® was introduced as an enhancement when the programme ran in the USA. Graham Shaw has co-presented all the workshops and comments:
"Although we had already run 'Entering the Customer's World' twice and received excellent feedback, the introduction of Thinking Styles gave the programme a real boost. Participants found their personal profiles fascinating. They could apply their learning immediately on the second day when they conducted structured discussions with their key customers."
Graham Shaw - Management Development Consultant - GSA.

Specifically, the use of Thinking Styles helped participants to:
•  enhance their ability to gain and maintain rapport with customers
•  be able to respond flexibly to customers in ways which fit their styles
•  probe the underlying needs of customers and explore ways of addressing these needs
•  discover their own thinking styles through a comprehensive personal report
•  become aware of the thinking styles of their own team colleagues
•  learn to recognise easily the thinking styles of their customers through their language and behaviour

Don White - BP manager of both the UK and USA teams says:
"Thinking Styles worked at three levels for our team. Firstly, individuals were able to reflect on their personal profile to harness strengths and balance out weaknesses. Likewise at a team level we were able to assess the composite range of styles. Finally we began to learn how to 'read' our customers' styles and respond appropriately for optimum interaction and partnership. This underpinned our customer focus strategy and undoubtedly played a part in the team's strong business and financial performance for the year."
Don White - BP Oil, RTG Analytical Technology, Sunbury.

Participants from the Chicago training say:
"The most useful parts of the programme were my personal Thinking Styles profile information and also learning how to understand customer traits and then mould my questions and answers to make correct assessments of his requirements."

"I believe the course provided me with a different perspective on 'customer focus' and thereby met my objectives. I found the Thinking Styles profile very interesting. The most useful part was the customer discussion."

If you would like to know more, you can e-mail Graham Shaw at: gshaw@intonet.co.uk

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