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Note:  These statistics are from Version 2.0.

This refers to the degree to which each dimension of the questionnaire is measuring one scale and is therefore independent of the other dimensions in the questionnaire. Cronbach's Alpha is a test that calculates the internal reliability of each dimension. The higher the value of Cronbach's Alpha, the more internally consistent the dimension is. The Alpha values for the Thinking Styles dimensions are shown below.

Internal reliability is complicated by the fact that Thinking Styles is a personality 'trait' instrument rather than a personality 'type' instrument such as MBTI, and that each source trait (or dimension label such as "Big Chunk") has a number of "surface traits" or behaviours within it. So, although the dimensions have been proven to be independent, each dimension does in fact measure more than one behaviour.

Internal Reliability Statistics for Thinking Styles:
Sample size: 142 general working population, male and female, ages 18 - 65

Visual 0.86
Auditory 0.68
Kinaesthetic 0.78
Digital 0.73

Internal 0.68
External 0.64
Self 0.73
Others 0.90
Match 0.66
Mismatch 0.72
Collaborative 0.89
Competitive 0.60

Detail Conscious 0.85
Big Chunk 0.82
Left Brain 0.65
Right Brain 0.71
Procedural 0.88
Options 0.76
Move Away From 0.73
Move Towards 0.80
Reactive 0.68
Proactive 0.76
Sameness 0.73
Difference 0.66
Simplicity 0.62
Complexity 0.95

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