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'Training' others so that they are able to learn quickly and easily, and moreover, retain and recall what they have learned, requires a high degree of skill and understanding. It is rare that these skills and knowledge are 'natural'. Most people need to consciously focus on the continued development of their knowledge and skills.

Using Thinking Styles, this two day workshop will develop your skills as a trainer to a significantly higher level of competence. Through developing your understanding of how people think and therefore how they learn, you can learn how they prefer to be 'taught' and how you can make your training events more memorable. You will also learn how you can coach more than one person at a time in multiple level groups.

Please note that only 'experienced' trainers who already have an understanding of Honey and Mumford's Learning Styles should attend. If you would like to discuss whether this workshop is suitable for you before booking your place, please contact us.

The two day workshop costs 750 per delegate plus VAT.
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