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Often simplifies complex issues and prefers things to be easy.

•  Think of an issue at work.
•  Simplify it back to the core principles.
•  If you can, simplify it so it can be explained in one sentence, as in the quote above.

•  Did you find yourself getting frustrated or irritated by the process?
•  Do you think there are some issues that can not be simplified in this way and, if so, consider your reasons for thinking this.
•  Try the exercise again - is it becoming easier?

Notice that by simplifying the issue back to its core principles, you have effectively summarised it. Remember, each individual's perception of "simplicity" or "complexity" is very different.

It is likely that those of you who have a Big Chunk preference may find this exercise 'easier' to do, and that those of you who tend to focus much more on details will find it more 'difficult'.
In no way should this detract from the complexities inherent within the issue, they still exist. However, by 'simplifying' them it is likely that you will have made them 'easier' for others to understand and get to grips with.

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