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Iinvolves a focus on the facts, and/or the use of data and statistics.

•  Think of two issues that you have an emotional attachment to, one of which you feel quite strongly about.
•  Identify and write down a dispassionate analysis of the facts for each of the issues.
•  Leave the exercise for a few days then review it.

•  Put your feelings to one side just for this exercise.
•  Can you add any more facts to your original thoughts?
•  What did you learn about your own thought processes as you carried out the exercise?
•  Did you find it 'easier' to write down the facts of the issue you felt less strongly about?

Try the exercise with a colleague or friend. Did you both come up with the same facts? Did you find that you put value judgements onto your facts, despite trying not to?

Dispassionate analysis of the facts is what solicitors, lawyers and judges have to do on a daily basis and is probably the reason why they can sometimes come across as being "cold" towards others. It is possible that they may need to be this way in order to function effectively in their jobs and to avoid becoming emotionally involved with their work.

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