If you are helping us with our Test re-test process for Version 3.0 of Thinking Styles, you might find this section helpful for you to understand some more about Thinking Styles, its background and applications and how the data we have previously collected for Version 2.0 has been used in subsequent research.

Please complete the first stage of the Test re-test process before you tour the web site.

Thinking Styles
Thinking Styles is an occupational psychometric that measures your thinking style preferences in 26 different ways of thinking and helps you to understand how these preferences affect how you behave and communicate at work.  About Thinking Styles will give you more in-depth understanding of how Thinking Styles has been developed.  It also provides detailed descriptions of the dimensions.


Thinking Styles is used widely in the public, private and charitable sectors and there are case studies on the web site with more details of how it can be used.  If you would like to know more about the benefits of using Thinking Styles after the Test re-test process has been completed please let us know.


Version 2.0 of Thinking Styles underwent a small-scale test re-test process and the results are published here.  The data we shall be obtaining with your help will be linked to and compared with this data, as well as being used on its own.  There has been some initial research undertaken with Coventry University on the thinking styles of engineering undergraduates and you will see that there are a number of other publications based on the statistical data you will be able to provide.

We would like to thank you for your help in this.  We hope you will find the process interesting and your profile and feedback helpful when you receive it.

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